Tampons that are organic? really? huh? why?

Yep…I never realized how oblivious I have been this whole time using conventional brands. I mean, here I eat organic food and use organic shampoos, lotions, makeup, soap…but what about items that women have to use every single month on their **coughs** lady parts during their female cycle?

Organic Tampons, Tampons, Organic
LOLA Organic Tampons

Do you know the number of products a female uses in her lifetime is somewhere around 10,000? no way! That’s a whole lot of tampons to use on your feminine part (sorry can’t be anything but honest here). Can you imagine exposing your body to: pesticide residues, phthalates, azo-dyes and dioxins, and especially in a super absorbing part of the body?…oh and then bleached cotton to top it off!…no thanks, not on my lady part! I didn’t even think about that. How could I be so silly? Well I am super glad I read up on it and what’s even more neat is I came across this brand called LOLA. They have an awesome system for organic tampons and made with only one thing – 100% organic cotton. You can customize your order by product, assortment, quantity, and frequency. Plus LOLA donates their products to low income women and even shelters all across the US.

Organic, Organic tampons, tampons, natural tampons, green tampons
LOLA Organic Tampons

Ok, women all over stand up and say yea buddy!!!!! You can find out more information on these tampons here.


What are your thoughts on using organic versus conventional feminine products?

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