Should you switch to Organic Skincare?

Ok, so if you’ve followed me on my real gluten-free meals instagram, you know I am a big advocate, let me rephrase – HUGE on using organic products in general. That’s no secret. I wanted to explain to you why I chose to make the switch to organic skincare a few years ago. Now before … Continue Reading

Ottos Cassava Flour – Gluten, Grain, Nut-Free

If I could choose a magical flour, Otto’s Cassava flour would definitely be it. Otto’s has an amazing product that consists of 100% ground yucca root which can be used as a 1:1 substitute for wheat flour in most recipes. No gluten, grains, nuts and yes it’s Paleo. I’ve made everything from bread, to crepes … Continue Reading

Raw Spice Bar Gluten-Free Monthly Kit

Ok, need some new spice in your life? (no pun intended). I’ll tell you why $8/month is SO worth it. As some of you may know, I run a food blog called real gluten-free meals. Which means, I am big on flavor and switching it up! When it comes to new meal ideas, I like recipes that are … Continue Reading

5 Clean Gluten & Dairy-Free Protein Powders

SO YOU NEED A CLEAN PROTEIN POWDER? You are on a new fitness journey, but now need a daily protein shake. Post-workout protein shakes are always a great idea, as they are used to properly build muscle and even speed up muscle recovery/growth. Certain protein shakes contain amino acids which are essential for recovery. But which … Continue Reading