Ok, need some new spice in your life? (no pun intended). I’ll tell you why $8/month is SO worth it. As some of you may know, I run a food blog called real gluten-free meals. Which means, I am big on flavor and switching it up! When it comes to new meal ideas, I like recipes that are quick and easy to put together.

Introducing Raw Spice Bar. Each month you’ll receive 3 freshly ground, recipe-ready flavor kits in the mail. Perfect for three different meals, which also includes the recipe cards. The cards are perfect to store in a box and you can refer to them at any time. The recipe ideas are simple, and yet provide new meal ideas with so much flavor. I mean come on, who wants the same boring chicken all the time?


After you fill out a personalized quiz, you can tailor the types of foods you typically eat… I chose the gluten-free option. This helps with which recipe cards they send you as well. What’s really neat is each month the seasonings are sent from from a different region of the world. Therefore, you can try out a variety of foods from different cultures, and incorporate a fusion of seasonings into your recipes. A flavor card is sent to you monthly along with the recipe cards, that describe where the seasonings come from that make up such a wholesome flavor. The recipes included in this kit were: Vegan Cauliflower Wings, Peanut chicken soup, and Avocado Poached Eggs. How yum does that sound?


Lastly….can I tell you about the aroma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, once you open up the packet, you’re immediately taken back by how fresh the spices are. I look forward to my package each month as it’s always a surprise and a treat. You have to check them out! Makes a perfect gift to someone who wants to experiment new dishes in the kitchen.

Oh and by the way. I made this soup using the recipe called Ghanaian Peanut Chicken Soup and from my monthly Raw Spice Bar kit. If you could jump through the picture and smell the aroma, you would be in heaven.


So worth at least trying out one month and providing you and your family with new meals. The code: realglutenfreemeals saves you $5 off a 6 or 12 month subscription. You can check out Raw Spice Bar here.

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