If I could choose a magical flour, Otto’s Cassava flour would definitely be it. Otto’s has an amazing product that consists of 100% ground yucca root which can be used as a 1:1 substitute for wheat flour in most recipes. No gluten, grains, nuts and yes it’s Paleo. I’ve made everything from bread, to crepes and waffles…you can see all my pictures below which are my own pictures using Otto’s Cassava Flour.


The hardest challenge going gluten-free was losing out on breads or tortillas! I have made so many tortillas with Otto’s Cassava Flour, I have become a pro. There’s nothing like warm fresh tortillas and this flour really provides the texture and flavor I was so used to. I’m a southern California girl, and I love authentic tortillas. Really easy too, all you need is Otto’s Cassava flour, salt, water, and olive oil (By the way I use a great Olive Oil by Kasandrinos which you can find here). And That’s it! You can check out how to make the tortillas here.


You can either hand roll your tortillas, but I highly suggest investing in a tortilla press. It saves your life, rather than trying to roll out the perfect texture and size. You just place a ball of dough in the press and boom you’re done. I use this tortilla press here. It really does make a major difference but you can certainly roll them too!


You can also make bread, and it tastes so delicious with only a few simple ingredients that I’m sure you already have in your pantry. Check out the bread recipe here. Do you see how fluffy the bread is that I made below? Imagine melted organic vegan butter on top….mmmmm….

I’ve used this flour now for a few years, and it’s literally one of the best out there. The possibilities are endless. Check out some additional recipes here such as cookies, brownies, or pancakes.

Trust me, this will be the best flour purchase you will ever make. You too will get super excited again over flour, especially if you have food restrictions and allergies! Try it!

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