Ok, so if you’ve followed me on my real gluten-free meals instagram, you know I am a big advocate, let me rephrase – HUGE on using organic products in general. That’s no secret. I wanted to explain to you why I chose to make the switch to organic skincare a few years ago. Now before I proceed, I am giving you a heads up that I will be sharing several brands on this site with you in the future because I truly LIVE, BREATHE and USE these items daily. So let me start by answering a few common questions:

How did I start?

I’m obviously 100% gluten-free if you haven’t figured that out by now. While in the process of discovering which makeup products contained gluten, I actually started to learn about the gunk we were placing on our bodies with conventional products. (side note: they say gluten supposedly can’t seep into the pores but I just choose to be totally gluten-free in case – plus I now hate anything wheat derived now, it’s like my enemy LOL). A few years ago, I followed a couple of  youtubers that started to talk about natural beauty versus traditional makeup. Needless to say, it peaked my interest for hours. I started to learn the truth about the beauty products I was using at the time. The one major fact that stood out was, our skin is the largest organ and absorbs up to 60% of everything we place on it. So, that raised an eyebrow and a lightbulb went off.

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Your skin is your first line of defense, but also the easiest way for toxins to enter your body and pollute your entire system. -Trina Felber, Author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret

Can you believe high-end products are not truly high-end?

Here I was prancing around with every fancy makeup line on my face, and using every high-end skincare line out there. I discovered all the “fancy” makeup and skincare I was using really wasn’t fancy at all. Once I went organic, this meant eliminating all products with toxic ingredients and that was literally my entire bathroom. I used to purchase so many high-end makeup lines and luxurious hair products, I seriously could’ve had a shop in my house. I thought they were amazing because, well it seemed to work at the time and it costs a bazillion dollars – so it is obviously great right? NOT. These brands really knew how to target a high spending consumer like myself and they certainly were winning with all the glamorous packaging and endorsed celebs. Who wouldn’t want to look like Halle Berry? However, once I started learning more about toxic ingredients and how they affect our body over time, I really began to change my purchasing decisions. The first thing that came to mind is: most of us women wash our face in the morning, place on a cream, and then put makeup on. We leave it on all day until the evening when we wash it off, and then repeat the cycle. I really thought about the creams that just sat on my skin all day, and how I was stripping my face twice a day with toxic ridden washes. Yikes!


Which chemicals should you look out for and avoid?

Coming from a gal that used MAC, NARS, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Estee Lauder..you name it…….it was ALL IN THE TRASH. It made me cringe knowing what I’ve been placing on my freaking eyelids for so many years! Along with fancy makeup, I used every high end face wash known to man kind. Little did I know, they were all filled with synthetic chemicals instead of real quality ingredients. A lot of face washes these days contain alcohol, preservatives and chemicals that essentially are just plain awful. These big giant brands don’t want to tell you that.

Below is a general list of common ingredients used in most conventional products today, and you can google for further information. There are so many toxic ingredients out there being used – I suggest you research on your own but this is a good list to get started:

Parabens (leads to hormone imbalance, infertility, or disorders), Phthalates (linked to breast cancer) , Sodium Laurel (Laureth) Sulfate (found in most shampoos and is a toxin to your nervous system), siloxanes (known to smooth skin but disrupts hormones), formaldehyde (preservative, yeah they place this in dead bodies to preserve Eww), sodium borate (used in diaper creams), BHA/BHT (a carcinogen that produces cancer in animals), “Fragrance” (basically perfumes not derived from real natural ingredients and essential oils), mercury (used in a lot of makeup), PEG Compounds (anything ending with an “eth” or “oxyonl”), Toluene (used in nail polish), Petroleum distillates (found in non-organic mascaras) and lastly……and basically anything with nanoparticles.

Am I totally organic?

Now don’t get me wrong, am I 100% organic? NO. But I try to eliminate as much as I can with the products I use daily, it’s just that important to me. It should be for you too…especially women exposed to these chemicals daily that are linked to cancer..and double especially for all you soon to be mamas. Just think, everything you place on your skin seeps into your blood stream to the baby. Maybe it won’t harm us using it once or twice…and that’s ok because I don’t claim to be a tree hugging hippie (no offense to you earth lovers) as I obviously change my hair color and I’m not opposed to certain cosmetic procedures if that’s what makes you happy. But products you use…every…single…day…eeeeek. You probably should rethink that.

Additional benefits of organic skincare:

Some other things to think about when deciding if you should make the transition is, there are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients when using quality organic brands. If you find the right line, they are typically made with plant derived ingredients along with other naturally occurring ingredients. No pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s….fillers or anything artificial! Do keep in mind, just because something is labeled “organic” doesn’t mean a whole lot. You have to really read the labels, and understand what you’re purchasing and read, read, READ the ingredients!

With this all being said, I am sharing with you a skincare line that I have used for a few years now called Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.  The main thing I love about this line is the owner really prides herself in using quality ingredients and lists them all  on her site. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is a non-toxic and cruelty-free brand. There’s samples of everything, so its very convenient for us gals who need to try things out before we completely commit! I use her makeup remover wipes which oh my gosh..let me tell you are the best wipes ever. The thickness of the towelettes and the aroma is simply divine, plus removes all the excess oil and makeup in a gentle manner. I then use her cleansing oil. Say what oils? Yes! Not to worry, they are essential oils. For years, I had relied on cleansers that would foam but I tell you I really enjoy cleaning my face with oils now. I personally feel it’s great to use even on oily skin! Side note about conventional wipes: most wipes contain mineral oils, parabens, preservatives, and chemicals galore so if you see this get rid of it, and consider making a change!

Also, If you’ve followed me previously, you know that I love makeup. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques makeup line is one of the brands I literally use almost daily for several years. Her makeup line is comprised of 100% Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Pigments and varies from an 80-100% organic base. Pretty clean stuff. OHHHHHHHH and did I mention that if you use the code: iamshe you will save a whopping 20% off on your entire purchase throughout the site. This includes skincare and makeup..Holler! Even more of a reason to toss out the crap and get on the clean train.

p.s. her line is extremely reasonably priced too.

You can happily click here to start your journey.

Health is Wealth:

Switching to organic skincare is just an overall plus. There are more vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants than what you’ll find in traditional products. It’s also great to use products that are going to be good for you in the long run. This will truly help with premature aging and increased risk of sun spots the natural and clean way. I am proud to say I literally do not follow the crowd anymore with the biggest trends floating around on the internet (ahem I won’t name them but a lot of women are consultants for these lines). My motto that I follow now? health is wealth……which not only encompasses fitness and food, but also skincare. At age 36, I wouldn’t change a thing! I feel better, my skin looks better than it did in my 20’s, and last but not least it’s better for the environment – and that really matters.

You can check out Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques skincare here

And remember the code: iamshe saves you 20% – Happy shopping.

What are your skin care routines? Comment to share your tips.

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