Why I started using a natural deodorant?

After making a lifestyle change a few years back to almost all organic items, I started to really pay attention to ingredients in all my purchases. This also applied to every single ingredient that I was putting on my body – including deodorant. After reading numerous articles circulating on the web discussing aluminum (the ingredient contained in most deodorants/anti-perspirants), I started to open my eyes and understand how it could possibly be linked to cancer. Initially, I subtly ignored it because I didn’t want to give up my “Secret Sport Anti-Perspirant” that had conveniently kept me dry all day long. Little did I know, it caused more harm than I ever thought.

Difference in Anti-Perspirant vs. Deodorant 

You have sweat glands for a reason, and I had been blocking them all these years. To break it down in a nutshell, antiperspirants work by preventing perspiration from occurring. Deodorants still allow perspiration while blocking the odor. Deodorants are ideal because you kill the bacteria that cause odor while allowing you to naturally perspire. I found a great one by at Primally Pure and will talk about it more in a minute………..long story short, I was seeking a better, healthier, organic deodorant (no longer an anti-perspirant) and wanted one that didn’t contain all these unnecessary chemicals. I mean flip your deodorant around, can you truly understand what the ingredients are? My biggest concern was keeping dry, and not having an obnoxious smell (I mean come on ladies who wants to smell or sweat?) I began searching frantically up and down the Whole Foods aisles trying to find a decent deodorant for my new lifestyle change and just ended up with a bunch of deodorants that really failed me. When I say frantic, it’s true, deodorant is a MUST for me. These new natural deodorants either smelled bad, didn’t keep me dry, were super duper wet, or turned out they weren’t that great for you either (many non-aluminum deodorants ironically contain parabens!)…lovely.

Why is it dangerous for deodorants to contain aluminum?

Aluminum essentially “plugs” your ducts and contains estrogen like properties. It’s a metal, which can produce toxic properties, and over time can target your nervous system. Sadly, aluminum is in a lot of products we use daily. When you think about it, applying this under your arms every single day, will significantly increase your exposure to higher estrogen levels (estrogen can help promote the growth of breast cancer cells). Aluminum has also been linked to Alzheimers, kidney problems and bone disorders…. so why risk it?


Use Aluminum-free deodorants which consist of essential oils and all natural ingredients. Also, just because a deodorant says it’s aluminum-free, you still need to read what the other ingredients are. There are many other toxic irritants in mainstream deodorants, so do your homework.


So I am sharing with you a great line that I discovered and fell in love with years ago! One day I was browsing some eco-friendly Instagram accounts when I came across this brand called Primally Pure. After trying it out, I became obsessed and so did many of my followers and fellow bloggers on Instagram.

Truthfully, I am so ecstatic over this deodorant – not only is it free from parabens, aluminum, and artificial ingredients.. but it actually works!! My two favorites are Lavender and Lemongrass. I love the texture of the deodorant, as it’s not slimy like most other non-aluminum deodorants. Another added bonus is the fact I don’t have to dip my fingers in it and get my hands all messy. That seems to be the trend with a lot of organic deodorants these days oddly.

A little bit behind the brand

I can honestly say that Bethany, the owner behind this brand, is the sweetest gal with a big heart….Why is this so important? Because unlike big companies out there these days, you can put a face behind the product and brand. Bethany strives to provide you with quality natural ingredients, and another neat fact is her family owns a farm called Primal Pastures in Murrieta, CA. If you know the brand stands for something, then you feel so much better using it and supporting the movement.

Here’s a shot of what your deodorant ingredients should look like. The ingredients consists of: organic extra virgin coconut oil, aluminum-free baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, tallow from grass-fed cows, organic beeswax, and organic lemongrass essential oil. Seriously a complete 180 from anything conventional you will find on the shelves in stores.

I would seriously give give it a try if I were you and you can get one here! Trust me, you won’t go back.


P.S. a little tip is: you have to give it a few weeks to totally adjust since your body has to detox and rid what you’ve currently been placing on your “pits” for so many years. Then you’re golden!

Primally Pure has so many other options in the line ranging from: skincare, lip balms, to bath and body products..you name it! I’ll discuss the full line on a future post. You can browse the full line here

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