Let’s just start out by saying I love my friends. Why? Because I can be myself, which means being super goofy and not judged for it. I can laugh whole heartedly until tears come out. I mean what’s life without friendships right? I have a group of friends I used to head out and about with in my 20’s, but now that we are all in our 30’s, things have slightly changed. We all have careers, families, and hobbies that pull us away from getting together. So, it’s always a superb time when reuniting with some of your closest pals. You can always guarantee a combo of funny stories, amazing food, and endless laughing. Sometimes throwing in a cocktail doesn’t hurt either 🙂

My friend, Sherwin, decided to pick me up in his spiffy car (which I forgot the name of it as I’m not the biggest car buff LOL). But, we headed to downtown and met up with some other friends at Searsucker. We had some great food along with unique craft cocktails. We then proceeded to the Oxford Social Club and gathered together with a bunch of other friends. Overall, it was an amazing time. In summary, lots of dancing and more laughs.

P.S. Good friends are there through thick and thin, and friendships can be some of the best pick-me-ups too!

Check out our experience here in this video:


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