Wait you’re 36 and a mom of two boys? I think I hear that comment pretty much on a daily basis. Hey..I’m not complaining, but who said we have to look and feel our age you know? I mean being casual doesn’t mean hey let me roll out of bed in my sweats. Granted, there are definitely days I feel like that, but I’m in CALI (can’t you tell by the palm trees?)…so the sun always motivates me to throw on some fun casual clothing (even though it’s gloomy LOL but it changed later on). So how do I feel like a casual mom but still look fun?


The funny thing about Spring time in Cali is it starts off foggy in the morning. Then it slowly progresses to a sunny day, which is why I like layers. Wearing a light demin jacket is perfect to take off when needed. Easy to tie around the waist too. Since I chase after two boys all day, I need to be casual. I still love feeling cute, and that’s why I adore these Steve Madden shoes.


The pattern is super cute and reminds me of being chic and comfy at the same time. I don’t know why the quilted pattern reminds me a little bit of a Chanel or a Marc Jacobs feeling but a fraction of the cost..haha maybe that’s just me. The champagne rose color can be worn with so many different items as well.  Each item is relatively inexpensive and can be worn multiple  times.


I am big on purchasing items that I can wear with multiple outfits. That’s why the Lush V-neck tee and bp leggings can be mixed with a variety of items already in your closet. These leggings are cool because they aren’t your typical black leggings. They have a pattern on the top which gives it sort of a Lara Croft appearance. I think I am obsessed with Lara Croft from Tombraider.  Anything that appears slightly bad A** for a woman just gets me all tingly. See the stitching on the leggings up close? After all, we are moms and I like to consider myself a superhero.


Ok, all superhero jokes aside, the look is really versatile and I got a ton of compliments on this day from other mommies and young gals. Not to mention the Ray-Ban shades were perfect and a sweet accessory to complete the look. Taking it back to the 1990’s. They really work on no makeup days as well. haha. Now I’m in the car and off to the mall to enjoy my day with car seats and all.

You can shop the entire look below. Cheers!

oh..P.S…I’m wearing all organic makeup and the DEETS are:

-Foundation in warm 40, Blush in color flush, and Powder in warm 40 by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. You can head to my shop in my main menu or just click here to head directly to their site. The Code: “IAMSHE” saves you 20% off the site

-Lipgloss by Vapour Beauty in the color flutter. You can head to my shop in my main menu or just click here to head directly to their site. The Code: “IAMSHE” saves you 10% off the site.

ok double cheers!


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