For my birthday, I had planned on having an epic hiking trip with a girlfriend of mine. Most people head to warm weather, but I decided to head north where it was snowing. I love hiking as it’s so peaceful, and there’s an overwhelming sense of accomplishment once you reach the top. Although the video shows us only hiking, I highly suggest visiting Portland, Oregon for you all you foodies out there. I loved the city life of Seattle, but the foodie aspect definitely couldn’t compare to Portland.

When we first approached Rattlesnake Ledge in Snoqualmie, WA, the ground was clear with no snow in sight. Once we reached about half way up the hill, it started to get rather slippery. However, we were determined to reach the top. After about ten slips and falls plus skidding all around, we made it to the top. The view was amazing. We anticipate our hike was around 6 miles long.



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