Sheila Smith passionately believes in living an organic, gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle. In 2014, she started a recipe blog called Real Gluten-Free Meals and posted creations on Instagram for her followers. Through this journey, she fell in love with an extreme fitness lifestyle, cleaned up her diet, plus discovered so many wonderful natural organic beauty products. By incorporating wellness, diet, and exercise, Sheila was able to become the best version of herself. Fitness became an outlet of self-care, and she lost over forty pounds after the birth of her second son. Because she has a huge passion for an overall healthy lifestyle, natural health and beauty products play a big role in her everyday decisions. She is an active mom who loves to have fun, look and feel fabulous, be goofy, travel, eat, and constantly explore. With all of this, Sheila decided to expand and create this site (I am Sheila Smith) which encompasses all the things she loves.

Sheila resides in Sunny San Diego with her two amazing young boys.

“My goal is to encourage mothers & women alike to discover themselves, practice self-love, and provide an outlet to an overall healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the everyday challenges of life can be overwhelming, or time constraints don’t allow for us to properly take care of ourselves. Sharing tools and tips for fitness, beauty, cooking, travel and fashion is an extreme passion and I hope you enjoy the journey. I believe there’s a balance in everything, and it’s never too late. Be sure to checkout my youtube channel while you are here…Have fun, LAUGH, live life, love hard without regrets…but most importantly – love yourself as it is truly the greatest gift.”

Be you. Be Fearless.

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